martes, 3 de mayo de 2011

How am I gonna live without you?

How am I gonna live without you?
Without that smile that brings me happiness
Without those ears that always hear me out
Without that nose that can feel the slightest
scent on my body
Without those legs that know the way straight
   to my home, in thick or thin
Without those arms: the safest place I'll
   ever be in my entire life
Without those hands that know all the reactions
   of my body with every stroke he makes
Without those eyes that can look into the
   deepest parts of my soul
Without those lips that can make me touch
   heaven with every kiss
Without YOUR soul that matches in every way
   with mine
Without you all, What am I gonna do without
  all of you? Leave this place, create a place
  and go WITH you to every place you want to go.
You and me. Me and you. One whole soul divided
   in two bodies: yours and mine.