domingo, 20 de febrero de 2011


I've been thinking of having a blog for my own a while now and decided it was time for me to leave my FEARS aside and start to write what I think and feel. For me, it's hard to start something new, especially when I think I'm not and I won't be good at it, so "why even bother?".
A friend of mine, my best friend and actually more than just "my friend", told me that if I didn't have any good reasons for not doing it, only excuses, I should try to have a blog, that I would enjoy it. He also said that if I didn't do it, it would be a waste because he thinks I DO have interesting things to say. "You should really go for it" he said. "I think you'll like it and it'll make you happy". And that's why I'm here in the middle of the night, "writing" my very first entry.
"I really think that not doing it because of FEAR is stupid, especially when is something simple to start." He told me that I can stop this if I didn't like it, but at least I would know why I didn't. FEAR is a very powerful feeling when decisions are made and I've decided that it doesn't matter how hard this can be for me, I should AT LEAST give it a try.
And now, think-love-write, the little thoughts of my everyday begins...

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  1. fear IS something powerful... nonetheless... remember what they say in movies: it's not those who do not fear who are brave... it's those who despite the fear are willing to act :]

    welcome to the writing part of ur life :] glad u're overcoming ur fears :D

  2. Me encanta mi vidaw!!! I totally love that you are taking that chance!

  3. Que bueno que te decidiste a escribir Andy! Lo haces muy bien, y no tengas miedo del qué dirán, ya ves que al final sólo los valientes son felices!! La gente que critica el trabajo de los demás, es gente que nunca se atreverá siquiera a considerar la idea de atreverse a hacer algo diferente... Ánimo!! espero la próxima entrada (ah, que sea en español si? jajaja)

  4. I totally agree with Manito (Kurt =P) fear is something powerful, but if you overcome this feeling and try new experiences you will find out that things weren't as frightening as you thought. Congratulations on your blog girl!! Keep going =)

  5. Gracias a TODOS por tomarse el tiempo para leer mis entradas y comentar en ellas. Cada día se me ocurren nuevos temas para tratar y sé que puedo confiar en que no sólo se quedarán en el olvido, sino que alguien, mis amigos, las leerá. No permitan que el MIEDO se apoderé de ustedes, SIEMPRE tomen decisiones con valor y confién en ustedes mismos pues son el mejor héroe que pueden tener en sus vidas.